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Kasi Man Destroys His Girlfriend’s Shack With A Shovel After Finding Out That She Cheated On Him

Hell hath no fury like a heartbroken man.

Recently, heartbroken men have been doing the absolute most. One man demolished his ex girlfriend’s house and another took back a BMW he bought his girlfriend.

This time a kasi man took it a bit further and destroyed his girlfriend’s shack, when he found out that she spent the night with another man.

The young man, in the video, seemed to be very furious. He did not say a word, he was very focused on destroying the shack beyond repair. The person that recorded the video is the one that somewhat explained what happened.

Here is the link to watch the video:

I think that everyone can guarantee that it is very unfair to damage another person’s property. Who knows how long it took for her to get enough funds to get the shack.

Other people assumed that the shack belongs to the guy. He may have been the one who bought her that shack.

@KESharpCo posted the video on their Twitter account. They left this caption:


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