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Did you know Sister Nobuhle 'Zimiphi Biyela' from Durban Gen is a taxi boss in real life?

Since the first episode of the medical drama series, she has wowed Mzansi with her unique talent. 4.4 million people watched the drama series in September, which is the most recent number we have.

After seeing these shocking numbers, Mzansi started looking into Durban Gen's cast. Sister Nobuhle is a strange and interesting person.

Did you know that Sister Nobuhle "Zimiphi Biyela" from the show Durban Gen is actually the boss of a taxi company?

Zimiphi "Zimdollar" Biyela, who is known for being on TV and on the radio at Ukhozi FM, plays Sister Nobuhle Nkabinde.

But after her side job was found out, the well-known actress got Mzansi. Even though she has been an actress, she is also a business owner.

Even though she has many businesses, she has shown that she is not good at any of them.

Zimiphi works as a taxi driver in KwaZulu-Natal right now. The actress owns at least six cab buses that go on different routes in KwaZulu-Natal.

Mzansi is referring to something she said to the press about her side business of cashing checks.

"Yes, I do have taxis, but I'd rather not talk about them because, as you know, the taxi business is full of problems and disagreements."

"I dabble in this field, but I don't want to open a can of worms by saying much more right now."

In 2014, she was thrust into the public eye. She played Samukelisiwe Keke Nzuza in the SABC1 drama series Uzalo, which was her first role. She worked for eHostela and then Durban Gen for a few years.

On Durban Gen, her honesty often gets her into trouble because of how she acts. She is without a doubt the well-known actor that we all dislike. Before her sudden rise to fame, the actress worked as a radio host.

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