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Husband and wife relationship

Inside MaShelembe From Mnakwethu's Second National Baby Shower With MaCele. See Pictures

Inside MaShelembe From Mnakwethu's Second National Baby Shower With MaCele. See Pictures

MaShelembe is one of the strongest the strongest woman that mzansi have ever known. Ever since we came to learn about what she has been going through, the episode of Mnakwethu left mzansi heart broken.

MaShelembe was introduced into polygamist relationship with Mseleku who is the host and presenternof #Mnakwethu. Her husband did not tell her that he want second wife but it caught MaShelembe off gut to learn that his husband introduced second wife that he has already paid lobola. It was a sad moment as he was able to pay lobola on second wife before he can pay lobola to her whe he has given her a child and the one who is still coming.

Her husband and his second wife does not respect her and it seems like the husband is the one who is giving MaSthole power to disrespect her even more. The story has touched mzansi that they decided to host MaShelembe a national baby shower. Mzansi has been sending beautiful massages to her with full love from Mzansi's.

MaSthole think that sje is the "pillar" of the family. I don’t think MaSthole aka the “pillar”. Has parents, If she does I wonder how they’re feeling #Mnakwethu Mashelembe deserves better honestly. MaShelembe's husband is actually so annoying. From the time he let MaSithole disrespect her live jive in front of him like?? That's your wife dude how are you letting a literal outsider speak as she wants???

It’s a VICTORY for SA to see her walk out of abusive, toxic, negative, one-sided relationship. May God grant you the desires of your heart and make all your plan succeed. May all South Africans shout out of joy from watching you WIN all the days of your life. We are happy that she's moving out of this Mnakwethu.

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