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Durban Gen: Mbali lives her fairytale with Lindelani and Lwandle

Durban Gen: Mbali lives her fairytale with Lindelani and Lwandle

While you're here, please follow me!

Sbusiso's death has proven that he was an obstacle in Mbali's life. Her relationship with him was quite passionless and was a safer option but she did not love him as much as she loves Lindelani!

As soon as Sibiya shot Sbusiso dead, Mbali ran back to Lindelani who was more than happy to have her back. To show that Mbali really does want to break free from Sbusiso, she's defying the will's terms and conditions and has actually declared that she's fine with not getting the money.

On last night's episode, Mbali was playing happy family with Lindelani and Lwandle. This is how things were before Sbusiso came and took her hand in marriage. The fact that Lwandle loves Mbali so much means that Lindelani can never really get over her because that's the woman his child considers as a mother. On the dinner table, he promised his child that when she comes back from her holidays, Mbali will be around to prepare delicious meals everyday. This just means that he's seeing a future with Mbali. Personally, I don't trust Mbali because she has always managed to disappoint Lindelani every chance she's gotten. She does love him but fails to commit to him, so I wouldn't put it past her to actually leave the both of them and start over elsewhere! Nonetheless, for now, she's living her best life with the man she loves!

So Mbali just let everything slide😩🤣🤣🤣 Power of Love❤️ #DurbanGen

I love this for mbali 😂😂🔥#DurbanGen @Fuluza_Luonde

Mbali and Linde deserve a happily ever after but ke we know it always end in tears. Let's just enjoy the 2 minutes noodles moments #DurbanGen

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