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Mamba take Lizzie as his wife. See Violetta's reaction

Apparently the truth about Lizzie is finally exposed after Mamba's right man took her as many pictures as he could to prove to his boss that she is pretending to be someone she is not. He collected all the information about Lizzie until he found that she is Boniswa Langa who owns a very big company Thebe Langa. She had no choice but to confess that she was trying to help her daughter Xolile to find her husband Romeo after his visit in Mamba's house but never came back.However Mamba enjoyed spending time with Lizzie as he was developing feelings for her. Mamba's daughter also liked aunt Lizzie hence she was the one who was encouraging her to go after her father and she claimed that aunt Lizzie would be the best stepmother than Viewers because she understand her.Mamba kicked Lizzie out of his house however he confessed to Aya that he miss Lizzie despite what she did. Mamba was starting to enjoy his new life with aunt Lizzie until he found out the whole truth that she is an imposter. Do you think Mamba's right man did what he did because he wanted to protect his boss or he was jealous that his boss found someone who makes him happy?

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