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Famous People Who Died On The Toilet

Source: (10 People Who Died On The Toilet (That Aren’t Elvis))

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Everyone knows that Elvis Presley died on the toilet, and there have been a slew of other famous toilet deaths since then. However, dying on the pot is not a new phenomenon.

While it may appear to be a humiliating way to end one's life, many people have had to endure the humiliation of being discovered dead on the toilet throughout history. Even if you can't completely avoid fate, if you have adversaries, it's a good idea to inspect your toilet bowl for danger before sitting down to relieve yourself. Here are some examples of people who died on the toilet throughout history.

1. Jin's Duke Jing

From 599 BC until his untimely death in 581 BC, Duke Jing ruled the province of Jin, one of China's most powerful states. He is said to have had a nightmare after which his personal shaman predicted that he would die before he could "eat the new grain." The duke, being a superstitious kind, became ill right away and summoned a doctor.

More dreams told him that the source of his ailment (personified as two boys) would be discovered somewhere between his diaphragm and heart. When the doctor arrived, he confirmed the dream's diagnosis. Jing ate the new grain before it was fully ripe in an attempt to break his curse.

He then executed his shaman, feeling wonderful. The duke thought he had escaped the curse for a time, but the immature grain began to ferment in his stomach, and he slipped into the privy pit and perished in the slurry below.

2. England's King Edmund II

In 1016, King Edmund II (nicknamed Edmund Ironside) ruled England for only seven months. To repel off invasions by the Danish invader Canute, he formed an army (aka Cnut the Great). Edmund was eventually defeated following a siege of London. In exchange for a peace deal, Canute permitted Edmund to keep his lands in Wessex at the Treaty of Alney.

Edmund passed away not long after that. According to other sources, he died of natural causes. When Edmund obeyed the call of nature, an assassin concealed in the hole beneath the toilet seat stabbed him twice from below, according to Henry of Huntingdon's account of Edmund's death. While fleeing, the assassin left the dagger that had perforated Edmund's bowel protruding from the king's rear end.

3.George II, King of England

George II, a German, ascended to the British throne in 1727. He was not a well-liked monarch. He fought with his father and most of his counsellors while he was a prince, and he is reported to have despised his own son.

He despised Britain and spent so much time in his homeland of Germany that he was dubbed "the king who wasn't there" by his subjects. He did, however, adore his wife. After she died, he never remarried, and when he died, he was buried next to her, with the sides of their coffins removed so that their bones may "mingle."

Despite his sour disposition, George II lived to be a ripe old age. Finally, not long before his 77th birthday, the king died quietly of an aortic dissection while sitting on his commode, or "close stool," as it was known, while paying a visit to the tiny king's room.

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