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#Gomora: Will Nthati Betray Mamsonto Over Love? See Nthati's Plan.

#Gomora Is On Fire with Nthati having feelings for the new bae on the episode. Nthati started this as a plan to get through the police force but not it seems like this have grown into feelings and she is having something for detective which might cause a distraction in the family.

After Nthati killed Mohato and also buried Mohato, she hasn't been feeling well but was a very very different person. Nthati did a lot of unique things alone cleaning and also was killed by a lot of worries. Remember she lost her husband and hasn't been with a man for a long period such causes her to be willing to move on with his life. Nthati might be having her eyes looking on someone special and that someone special will change her life as well as her families life. Her primary aim was to get information but the way she acts and handles herself around detective will bring trouble to MamSonto.

Nthati can make a great pair with detective and hence she is also looking forward for and feeling that great relationship between them. Nthati might aldo be looking towards having a plan towards detective. She dedicated herself and assured detective that she will be there to help him get through Mohato's case even though it takes what. But the fact is Nthati is working through her plan.

Nthati will be making Detective a mock. She will date her for information. But this might lead into her faloing for him or talking everything.

Do You Think Nthati Will Betray MamSonto?

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