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Kelly Khumalo Wants To Speak To The Mayor, See Here

Now, we have seen how singer Kelly Khumalo has focused her attention on what really matters for her right now and that is ensuring that she is happy.

There have been reasons for the singer to start going on a rant and react to what has been said about her over the weekend on social media.

But she chose not to and this was probably a good thing for her to do, it is not always going to be easy for to act like some things do not bother her.

We have seen her reaction to certain things and it seems like it is about doing one thing at a time, she addresses a matter whenever she feels the need to. And maybe this makes perfect sense to her, but she can always choose not to react at all.

One would say that she has been doing this and it has been working for her, so she should just focus on the trip she is on and have a good time.

Now, there is a video that the singer shared with her Instagram followers, she was exploring Greece as she has been for the past week.

She was being driven somewhere and as heard in the video, she was having a conversation with the driver about the road they were driving on.

The singer was asking the driver why the road to where they were going is so small and why it is on top of the mountain.

The driver seemed to understand what she was on about, but he mentioned that the mayor is the one who should have the answers for Kelly.

Then, the singer said the driver should give her the number of the mayor, she wants to talk to him and find out why the road is small when the buses are big.

As you might have expected, the singer was speaking in that Russian accent of hers, you might know that she is almost obsessed with the accent.

She does it almost every time and she has used it in most of her videos, clearly she loves how she sounds.

And she has had the freedom to speak in that accent because there are a lot of people in Greece who speak in that way.

The video's purpose was clearly just to lighten up the mood, the singer was just having fun, so it is not like she was being all crazy and demanding to speak to the mayor about problems in Greece when she is from another country. 

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