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Dr Musa Is Concerned After Being Dragged To Maphorisa's Love Affair After This Sh0cking Discovery



The radio announcer and doctor Musa Mthombeni, also known as Dr. Musa, has spoken out after his name was included in the drama about DJ Maphorisa Thuli Phongolo. Earlier this week, the DJ started setting trends after he was reported to be following the latest trends via a series of pictures and videos on social media.

While discussing the romance rumors between actress Thuli Phongolo and DJ Maphorisa, the tweets got into a heated discussion about colorism in South Africa. In another video of the pair, Thuli can be seen tweeting with the DJ, fuelling the rumor further. In the following videos, the two tweets get into a conversation about whether or not they believe the couple is dating.

Rumors of an alleged romance between actress Thuli Phongolo and DJ Maphorisa circulated online after a video of the pair surfaced online. The conversation then shifted to the question of what the man looked like and how he had won the affection of a woman who did not look like Thuli. Nude pictures of men lying on beds with faces shared online were one way to mock Madeleine's relationship with the gorgeous actress.

Speculation that DJ Maphorisa was dating Thuli Phongolo began when social media detectives shared images of the stars taking the same pot. He also addressed some of the things that have been said about the matter and how he fell in love with his new wife, Liesl Laurie Mthombeni.

A clip of DJ Maphorisa and Thuli Phongolo looking for a romantic groove went viral on social media sparking speculation that the two are a new hot couple in Zalebvileon, while Maphorisa and Phori accompany them to the DJ booth. A nude image of a man lying face down on a bed made the rounds on social media, with trolls claiming it was Amapiano, a pioneer of the DJ. But the DJ brushed the rumors aside and said he was looking for someone else as he was single. Phongolo used her Twitter account to pour cold water on the rumors.

Attempting to mock Maphorisa, the tweet shared a picture of a naked man lying on a bed with a woman placing her hands on his bottom. He also hinted that DJ Maphora Thuli doesn't deserve it because she has lighter skin and he doesn't.

While the truth remains that she is single, she denies dating DJ Maphorisa Phongolo and has slammed the dating rumors. Puleng actress Thuli Thabethe says she is introverted and not related to Puleng, the center of most dramas, 1 Magic, and the new telenovela Lingashoni.

It all began on Twitter when Thuli was spotted despite her crush as she responded to the award-winning international sensation's tweets about dating older women. Although she initially denied marrying Madumane, her best friend Lorch confirmed the claims.

Also known as DJ Maphorisa, who has been in the industry for some time, is a studio beast and keeps his love life away from social media. Polygamy and polyandry have been around for years, but Thuli says she accepts them because women do. "It's interesting to see how the masculinity and ego of the man play into the drama to win over the silent b * tch," says the woman who said no.

The Home Girl took to social media to complain about not revealing her husband, and investigators on social media exaggerated to find out his identity, making her the boss and continuing her career. On Thuso's side, tweets were furious that people wanted to cancel the celeb and return to the show. In her tweet, she was slammed for being called a homophobe, shared a joke about being called a homophobe by Mac G. She asked tweets to drag her and call her to thank her for her love.

That was not the case for her, who was attacked on Twitter thanks to Mac G and her and her podcast. This is in America, Hollywood is making movies, and she hasn't had time for Twitter to catch up.

As Mzansi well knows, this is not the primary time for celebrities to speak out and deny or put on trial rumors about a show without admitting them.

What is your intake on this and why?

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