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YouTube content creator Vicky Vee dragged on twitter. This is what people are saying

Vicky Jonas uploaded a "Spend a day with me" video on her channel and all she did was talk on the phone w her friend while drinking Liquifruit. ZERO CONTENT, ZERO EFFORT. And y'all complaining that new YouTubers don't have quality content.

They ask us to subscribe to their channels and watch their videos. Making a phone call and drinking juice is not content creation, its laziness and as a subscriber who uses their time and data to support their channels I'm well within my right to criticise. But no,we are called jelouse

The video started on a good note. She washes her face, tells us she needs to see a dermatologist, sharp. Haibo from 3:56, she calls her friend, since they’re going to jhb and Vicky needs to book a flight. No biggie neh? Does the call not drag from 3:56 to 11:39? 

That video was hard to watch. She gave us such great content in the past but at some point it just started going downhill and she stuck with those spend the day with me videos and not much was offered tbh

watching Vicky’s Spend The Day With Me vlog and then watching Mihlali’s one right after just showed me how great Mihlali is at what she does. wow

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