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Podcast and Chill with MacG got scammed about Tom Cruise

23 March 2022

By Sphe J Hadebe

Scams are everywhere in the country but who would've thought that the biggest podcast show in Mzansi, Podcast and Chill with MacG could be the victim of the scam?

What was supposed to a huge show which would have undoubtedly attracted lot of viewers and most certainly the subscribers, has turned out to be a scam. 

The show had hopes and were even looking forward to host the world's renowned actor, Tom Cruise to chill in this podcast and be asked questions, unfortunately that will not happen as it have turned out the "chiller swindler" got them. 

In the latest episode (21 March) MacG and Sol Phenduka revealed how a chiller scammed them by pretending to have set up a meeting with Tom Cruise. 

The two podcasters shared that they even travelled to a location where Tom Cruise was shooting his movie, Mission Impossible 8 last month here in South Africa but never met him personally as promised. 

Podcasters, Sol and MacG said they were devastated when they realised that they were scammed into a supposed meeting with Cruise. 

MacG stated that this started when a chiller contacted them and mentioned that he could arrange a meeting with them and Cruise. 

Apparently this chiller e-mailed them and said he works for the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency and that Tom Cruise will be shooting Mission Impossible between Mpumalanga and Limpopo at the time of sending the email. 

What made it seem real was that this guy said he is in charge and they can send them paperwork and Non- Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). 

Sol says he only realised that they were scammed when they arrived at the location and even added that they need to boost their security as they might not be so lucky next time. They could have been hijacked or even got killed, luckily it didn't come to that.


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