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Mzansi Reacts to eNCA Recent news

Journalists/anchors that work for corporate media like eNCA are nothing but teleprompted narrators of b.s. We also have to listen to their biased, idiotic opinions while they masquerade on our TVs like arrogant celebrities. South Africans, get your news from uncensored SM instead

With one comes many...allowing government to force people into taking vaccines is very dangerous,we can't give them that power,it has to be the decision of the people as a collective...

The more they make this jab compulsory, the more it falls in line with the prophecies on the book of Revelations. Companies will have to fire a lot of people like me who are not going to take the jab. We will even end being law breakers. It is a violation of our right to say no.

It's already unlawful. Moeng told us. The worse pandemic we have is leadership, Leadership is an elusive concept, hard to describe and impossible to prescribe. It is more evident in its absence, so that when leadership is needed, its lack is sorely felt.~Patrick Dodson!

Compulsory to fight a flue with a 98% natural recovery rate? Force people to take untested vaccines that do not prevent infection and transmission? It is enough that they waste our tax on these vaccines and suppress data showing damage caused. Can't force us.

Please note that the rights and freedoms contained in the Bill of Rights are not absolute and could be subject to limitations by law of general application under certain circumstances

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