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Should Lindiwe trust Mohumi’s intentions:The River [Opinion]


Ever since Mohumi returned his intentions haven’t been revealed as yet from the Telenovela The River.He has now saved Lindiwe’s life which means Lindiwe will forever be indebted to him.Maybe people do change and change for the better.Moreover Mohumi is Tumi’s father which means they have a relationship that they share with Lindiwe.

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At the moment Lindiwe needed a saviour both for her life and for her mine.The character of Lindiwe never allows anything to stand in her path.Lately the writers and producers of the show have been showing that even the strongest can not function alone.From Lindiwe being unable to use her ways and protect her son from being jailed to her being unable to save the lives of the miners.

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Maybe Lindiwe needs a team that she can work with and that share the same sentiments like she does.Even though Zweli is there for her but Zweli have different values from Lindiwe.Lately she has been showing affection to side that she has never showed to anyone.Her being forgiving and giving second chances to people is all something that is new.

Does this mean Lindiwe has changed?Is this the new leaf of Lindiwe’s life?However can she trust Mohumi completely?They say the leopard never changes it’s spot?Mohumi seems to be the trustee of people from Refilwe his words is like the final word.However once bitten twice shy.See the link below

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This can be looked as great leadership skills if it truly comes from a pure heart with no hidden agenda.Maybe time will tell and reveal as to whether Mohumi and Lindiwe have been born again.Situations can change the way people do things and approaches life.Some turn out to be good others turn out to be completely evil.Lindiwe seems to be too relaxed around Mohumi and even thinking of employing him.Is this a wise decision let’s hope this will not come back and haunt Lindiwe.

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