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Meet the Korean movie star with the highest followers on instagram

Just as our South Africa is blessed with lots of talented athletes as well as movie actors so also are other countries blessed with theirs. Today we will be looking at how a Korean netflix movie actor "Squid game" has gotten over 16 million followers since the beginning of the movie which started about a month plus. Jung Ho Yeon who is one of the movie actress, recently has the highest amount of followers in her official instagram account. Before she got into the movie, she had over 400 thousand followers but after the movie she came out with over fifteen (15) million followers, currently she has over sixteen (16) million people following her on instagram. According to reports given by hype auditors and Forbes, her Instagram account is currently the highest most followed amongst all other celebrities on Instagram.

Although, after the movie her fellow actors also had an increase in their followers on instagram but none of them were able to beat her reach. If we can recall vividly, Jung Ho Yeon played the role of Kang Sae-byeok, which she captured the heart of many people because of her role. Are you surprised with the above write ups let me know how you feel after reading the above write ups. Do not forget to like comment and share!

Content created and supplied by: Emma (via Opera News )

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