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#IsencaneLengane last episode left viewers with mixed emotions

For quite sometime now, people have been complaining about how insolent , disrespectful and defiant , Siyacela is and many have been worried about his wife Thando,as to whether she's happy or she's just there because she wants to fulfill her vows.

Siyacela has been spreading malicious rumours about his maternal grandmother by calling her a witch and he also claimed that, she stole his inheritance as well as his late mother's ring.

His father has also been a contributory factor when it comes to his attitude towards his grandmother. On one of the episodes, Siyacela went to Durban leaving his wife alone and his trip ended with him finding himself a girlfriend which he wants to make his second wife despite his wife's refusal to have another wife.

Last night people were happy that Thando has finally seen through Siyacela as she revealed that, she no longer love Siyacela and if she stays with him, it will be out of pretence, however others are worried that, Thando may not leave Siyacela even though he's mistreating her.

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