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Last night episode just proved that Uyajola 9/9 is just an act after people spotted this

Well after last night's show people have started talking that they don't be alive the show the real. A lady posted on Facebook and mentioned people who were on last night's episode. She said she knows these two girls from high school and they both know each other. But on a show, they pretended as if there are strangers. That when that lady knew that there are actions and there are paid to do so. The lady who was on the show didn't reply under these accusations they just laughed at the post and said nothing.

People want proof that will show them that this show is real and these people are not acting. People are not believing that Jub Jub is tracing these people. But if you use your sense you can tell that the show must be real because no one can want to be humiliated just for money. The lady said that the people who were on the show last night there are even friends on Facebook. They like each other's posts and there were even friends in high school so how can they share a man.

This is not the first time people say such things about the show. Some even say they know people who are appearing and their faces look familiar. A lot of people need clarity and answers about this show because sometimes they feel emotional when they watch it. The only person who can answer them is the owner of the show. Otherwise, the show will lose a lot of viewers who are no longer believing in it.

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