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Divorce Affair

Gugu tried to buy out Suzan with money in : Muvhango

Gugu and Azwindini are in love, that Azwindini is from a Royal family house of Mukwebo while Gugu is a a CEO of a big company called MMC. The royal house have shares from the company but due to uncertain reasons they fight alone for the sake of the throne. The throne now is taken by the by Gizara who is also from Royal house. Gugu is a and Azwindini are in fell in love with they were stuck in the mine. Remember that Gugu had an affair with the Vutshile the son of Azwindini was who was having internship at MMC. Vutshile had good intentions with Gugu that he will be wait not to be intimate with her.

When Gugu realised that she love Azwindini and she want to be with him though he was still married to Suzan, she took her pride away and faced with her at the Royal house. Remember all the families did not approved their relationship. Gugu told Suzan that she understand that you and Azwindini had married for over twenty years and sharing children with you but you must accept that he does not love you anymore.

She offered her an amount of one million rand to leave him and she said you will pay all the debts with this money and then your salary will support you with other expenses.

Suzan is a did not tell accepted the the money you instead she reprimanded you her that she is not going to anywhere. Remember that Suzan refused to sign the divorce papers and instead she teared them in front of his husband. What will change her mind to take a bribe from Azwindini's mistress? Suzan is trusted and at the Royal house she is a pillar of strength to the family. Remember that other Azwindini 's wives decided to leave him.

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