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Divorce Affair

Leroy Defends His Relationship With Mihlali

Leeroy Sidambe has publicly declared his love fr Mihlali Ndamase

Leeroy Sidambe has released an official statement to the public clearing out rumours on his divorce, he also detailed his love for Mihlali.

Mihlali has been under scrutiny for being involved in a relationship with a man that was believed to be married, Leeroy cleared the air and stated that he had separated from his wife.

He also revealed that he met Mihlali and fell in love with her after his separation had already began.

The couple has been seen multiple times in public attending events with matching outfits. They were recently on holiday together, accompanied by Somizi, who happens to be Leeroy's friend.

At the end of his statement, he pleaded with the public not to judge Mihlali or crucify her, as she had not done anything wrong, but was simply loving him.

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