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"South African celebrities are disappointing they don't treat fans well" said by a fan.

Kgoshikgadi Raima seems to be not happy with South African celebrities and she decided to express her feelings about South African celebrities on Facebook. The main reason why she decided to write such a post, she said it's because of a video of a boy who was crying and begging to take a picture with Kabza de small but he decided to brush off the boy. This video made her to end up writing such a post.

Judging from her comment section it seems like other fans are also not happy with the way South African celebrities conduct themselves around their fans. They also expressed in the comment section and others also talked about the Kabza de small video.

After the first post Kgoshikgadi also wrote another post about celebrities but this one was different from the first one. But they carried a message which similar. In this post she was urging fans to refrain from running after celebrities. She also added that nothing is special about celebrities. She mentioned that celebrities should respect fans too.


If fans are feeling disrespected by celebrities for refusing to take pictures with them that's not fair at all. How can a person not wanting to take a picture with you make you feel that you are disrespected. It looks like fans also feel like they are entitled to take pictures with celebrities, it's like they feel that celebrities owe them those selfies. If someone doesn't want to take a picture with you just accept it and move on. We all have bad days yet we expect celebrities to be always smiling and willing to take pictures with us. There are days where you as an ordinary person also refuse to take pictures with your friends/family/colleagues but they don't feel like you are disrespecting them. The problem here is that fans feel entitled.


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