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Crime Justice


Theft robbery

Alfios heart has been stolen by Glenda, but will they fall in love?



Alfios is the young upcoming businessman from the community of Turfloop where he has just scored a huge tender at the university earlier this year, and his life has never been the same after winning that tender where he has started to be well respected in the community which is good for him.

This week he was approached by Glenda with a new business deal that might see him making a lot of money for himself, which has also caused a serious problem for him because he might be exposed for the corruption that he has done of doing business with Alfios and used him as a frontline for tender.

But there's a serious thing that is going on in this deal besides business where Alfios has caught feelings for Glenda.

Which has started to cause a serious problem for Makgongwa because he might make the wrong decision because of impressing this young woman.

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