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Child Celebrities That Grew Up In Creepy Cults

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Cults attract people for a variety of reasons. While many of these groups are seen as controversial, outliers, and even dangerous, they all appear to foster a sense of camaraderie among their members. This is a list of famous people who grew up in cults or communes.

Who is the most well-known individual who grew up in a cult? Joaquin Phoenix is at the top of the list. Until he was two years old, the Her actor was raised in the Children of God organization. After exiting the cult, his family took the surname "Phoenix." River Phoenix, who starred in the film Stand By Me, was also raised in the Children of God.

1. Joaquin Phoenix was reared till he was four years old in the California-based hippie religious cult Children of God. His parents, whose surname was Bottom, took the name "Phoenix" after quitting the cult to signify a new beginning for the family. Shortly after his parents left the group, claims of kidnapping and sexual abuse of young members surfaced.

2. Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder and her family relocated to the Rainbow commune in California when she was seven years old. They shared the 300-acre farm with seven other families for three years and had no access to electricity.

3. David Arquette

David Arquette was born in the Virginia commune of Skymont Subud, where he resided with his family and his parents' acquaintances until the late 1970s. There were no restrooms, electricity, or running water in the nonsectarian spiritual "social experiment," which was supposed to be a utopia.

4. Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan was born in Florence and grew up in the Children of God cult, where her father managed an Italian chapter. She visited several different communes in Europe as a child. The cult urged members to have intercourse at a young age, but McGowan and her family were able to flee before the cult compelled her to do so.

5. Michelle Pfeiffer

When Michelle Pfeiffer first went to Los Angeles at the age of 20, she became acquainted with a couple that practiced breatharianism, which is defined as the ability to survive without food or drink since sunlight provides all of the necessary nutrients. Others were helped by the pair, who placed them on diets and showed them how to lift weights. True breatharians were only those who had attained the pinnacle of "enlightenment."

When Pfeiffer met her first husband, Peter Horton, she recognized she had joined a cult. He was getting ready for a role in a film about Moonies, adherents of Rev Moon's Sun Myung's Unification Church. Pfeiffer realized she was in a cult while assisting him with research for the role.

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