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Muvhango: Gugu and Vhutshilo caught in act

Muvhango: Gugu and Vhutshilo caught in act

While you're here, please follow me!

The saying "the truth shall set you free," is not always true! There are some secrets that don't need to be known by people because when they are unearthed, people look at you differently!

Gugu and Vhutshilo called their entanglement one where they are just "two people enjoying each other in secret," and that was true until Imani walked into the apartment and found Vhutshilo drapes with a towel on his waist and another hanging on his shoulder! Obviously, Imani did the moral talk with Gugu and reminded her that not only was it unethical to date a boy young enough to refer to her as a cougar, but that it was also unprofessional because Vhutshilo reports directly to Gugu as an intern!

Most people lashed out at Imani because Gugu actually did try to stop her from seeing the unseeable but Imani scavenged the house until she found what she was looking for! Had she listened to Gugu when she was told that she was busy, she wouldn't have discovered Vhutshilo in the kitchen! Plus, Vhutshilo did try to actually hide from Imani by crawling around the counter but she caught up with him!

Even though their relationship was like eating forbidden fruit, they both had a time of their lives and actually experienced something new! The relationship ended in tears but only after they'd given each other a chance to sneak around, even though the promise to keep their entanglement in secret failed dismally!

I'm glad they ran the storyline, it's good to see women being cougars! It was tiring always seeing sugar daddy storylines... This balanced the equation a bit lol!

It is what it is

It was jus a matter of time😂

"Oksalayo" must be echoing in both Gugu and Vutshilo's heads right now. 😂😂😂 #Muvhango @PiletjiSebola

It ended in tears for Vutshilo #muvhango @tshepzenmoloko

Is Gugu dumping Vhutshilo?? #muvhango @MuvhangoSA

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