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Samantha Gives Qondanisa Taste Of His Own Medicine After She Made Big Confession In #MnakwethuHEA

Source: Hashtag #MnakwethuHappilyEverAfter

In a meeting with Qondanisa, Samantha makes a significant confession. MamMchunu is taking care of her own business in my absence. Ladies and gentlemen, how can we not be proud of Samantha and MaMhlongo after just seeing the best scenario ever?

I admire Samentha's decision to broadcast live Qondanisa flames on national television. Samantha is speaking up on behalf of all roses whose thorns have been chipped in the sake of cultural cuteness. Please remember that she does not own anyone.

Qondanisa is not the victim lapha; he crossed the line the day he stepped out and introduced Samantha into the situation. This is all merely retribution. Qondanisa has found his match in Samantha, with whom he has a child. Samantha should hold a seminar for women and offer advice. Qondanisa is behaving insecurely, like a perplexed hamster.

Qondanisa had the audacity to pose that question of my Queen MaMchunu while he is president of Cheaterville. MaMchunu is an excellent liar; she is almost certainly dating someone other than Qondanisa. You ought to have seen her laugh.

Samantha should learn as a woman to keep secrets that are known only to her and to God. Unless she desired to use this marriage as a pretext to leave. She has exposed him to his own poison. We were concerned about what Qondanisa would do to Samantha and were thankful for the cameras.

While this is not to claim that all women are the same, men are truly incapable of withstanding what they dish out. Qondanisa is so disrespectful that he informs Samentha that he is dating another girl and intends to marry her regardless of whether she approves. Qondanisa is fearful of being duped, despite the fact that he has a child with another woman. Qondanisa is fearful that his wife are cheating, despite the fact that he is already aware of the facts. Not long ago, he was the one tasked with the responsibility of finding a third bride.

Samantha is a woman that all polygamous men deserve. Men truly mistreat their wives. When they extol the virtues of their acts, while other men who are not married or in relationships bear the weight of these turds. It's unsurprising they coined the hashtag "guys are trash."

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