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Influencers beware of this twitter celebs look how he scammed people

There has been a trend on Twitter about Mr Handsome who went viral for making some influencers work for him but without him paying them , they are angry and have decided to expose him, the reason for him to paying them is unknown but still it is unfair. See how they exposed himChris Excel versus his twitter father Mr Handsome. Lemme drink coffee it is gonna be a long night

Mr Handsome account is built on claps. If there is no one to clap back then it means there is no content the entire day. Follow trains and stealing tweets that's it. At least he's it stealing for a change I gave him consent. That's why he's tweeting nonstop.

Vele your Twitter tweleb Mr Handsome hired influencers for a big promo and never paid them back, while he got paid 20 k for it

Tjata is MF Mr Handsome Coward said he is gonna pay Chris Excel from his pocket, now Chris Excel claim that he worked for him and he paid himself. Something does not add up and Chris is dodging my questions I've been tagging him

Influencers laugh at me when Mbali scammed me yetMr handsome and Jan Van Potgiet are busy with them

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