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WARNING|| The Lady Request People Not To Follow Scammers _ See What Took Place



Remember the woman who just went on viral after her pictures that draws so much attention to the Social Media platforms especially on Twitter. She once at tongues waggling and indeed it happened. Well, there were a lot of criticisms after that event that once happened. No one knows how she came up with the idea of sharing her honeypot pictures.

People on that day started to notice her and flooded into her handles, at the back of their minds there was an assumption that maybe there is someone who cheats under her name but it was her who did it intentionally. People turn to do dirty business under her name.

The leaked information has just revealed some scammers are using her pictures and doing recordings to pay so that they will receive more similar pictures and some are already doing it. She heard it and now she is warning people, not to allantoin such scams.

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