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20 pictures of Dj Zihle and Pearl Thusi showing us friendship goals looks like

Zinhle has one of the most enduring friendships in the entertainment industry, which began in 2015 and has only gotten stronger since then.

They share a really supportive and non-judgmental friendship, according to Dj Zinhle, and they are there for each other through thick and thin.

Both are single mothers and fathers who work extremely hard.

Their friendship was called into doubt shortly after Dj Zinhle's birthday, when followers saw Pearl did not attend the party and did not share her photo or wish her a happy birthday on social media.

Fans were suprised that Pearl didn’t post anything about Dj Zinhle’s birthday and quickly assumed that the friendship had gone sour, or they were not good terms with each other.

Pearl is a busy woman, We all know she is an international actress, for all we know she could have been busy shooting her next series and people just jumped into conclusions too quickly.

Days after speculations about her friendship with Zinhle, Pearl made it clear that they are still friends and are in good terms when she shared this tweet below:

“Can you guess what I’m getting @DJZinhle for her bday?!”

Since Thusi's return from Thailand, however, there has been a sense of awkwardness between them.

In a normal situation, the two would have hung out or visited each other despite the fact that they were separated, but nothing like that has happened since the actress arrived.

Meanwhile, they have been seen unfollowing each other on Instagram.

Despite the clear clues, they have yet to formally acknowledge their breakup.

These two should work it out if it's true that they are fighting, I mean they are good friends it's obvious, whatever it is they are fighting about it's not worth it. You guys deserve each other ,we love you.


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