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Maseko’s Wives Finally Call Him Selfishness, Dirty And Ungrateful After They See This About Him

Maseko’s Wives Fially Him Selfishness, Dirty And Ungrateful After They Sees Through him In #Umndeni

Today's episode has proven to us that Maseko is playing with this kids. His actually taking advantage of them. I'm also happy that they all able to speaks about what's bottling them inside. Fezile did the good things of organizing this trip without Maseko just for girls to speaks out.

How can all these 'ladies' stay when this man is treating them so bad? They even had to run away to get the girls outing. They deserve better and they can do better without him. They all have a bright future but their future is being delayed by Maseko who does not want them to work.

I love that they went away together to talk for themselves and connect, without Maseko to interrupt them and make everything about himself. The trip is making Dabula feeling so wow, so happiness, and so glamorous, My queen. She is the only one who have plans for the future and she us the only one who is currently independent, who does not depend on Maseko for money. Dabula is hurt, but he speaks lot of sense at this girls gathering. Being dependent and being submissive to a man who doesn’t care about you is embarrassing.

The only person I feel should Erupt and speak their mind out is Nkanyezi and she's so quiet it breaks my heart. I just wish Nkanyezi could have more confidence in herself and realize her worth. It’s sad to see her always so down on herself. I hope one day she will have the strength to leave Maseko. Dabula is not the enemy here. Nkanyezi needs to deal with her guilt alone. Maseko is wrong for digging out Nkanyezi's infidelity cause because he sees Fezile. Nkanyezi yena is a homophope. Actually Bab Maseko doesn't trust Nkanyezi and I doubt he will ever trust her again 

At least they see thay Maseko is not taking anywhere an thinking that he will include them in his WILL it's a wish that one. Them wives needs to go out do something with their lives. 

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