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People responded to Grandp and his huge girlfriend on the dance floor, "it is child abuse they say

We used to think that this lady love this boy for his money, but now looking at the video, it looks like this lady has her own gigs, which shows that she is not desperate to get money out of Grandp.

It could be that she loves him truly, or it could be some spiritual reasons that are attached to their union. I've been wondering why this lady is always in red jumpsuit. I don't know, maybe I'm the only one that is curious about it, or even maybe serious over nothing, but it may be true that their relationship has got some spiritual attachments.

No matter how successful grandp is, but I don't think that the lady of her size, will go for such a small man. She is not even a slender, she's not even short, everything on her is just big, and it wouldn't make sense of why would she have a cosy relationship with the size of Grandp. Unless if she wants to take advantage of his size, so that she can be the one who is always in control, that could be another reason.

She may also see him as a live doll, you know with the doll you can toss it anyhow you like. She may fear that, a real man may be a challenge to her. So she wants a place where she is in control, she loves the control that she has over him because of his size.

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