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After surviving burns from her baby daddy see how stunning this woman looks

Everyone was born beautiful in their own way and everyone should love how they look despite race, complexion, gender or any disability.

Sometimes accidents happen that can change the way we look but that should not make us feel ashamed of the way we look. A certain beautiful woman who happens to be a burn survivor shared her pictures and touched hearts of many. She was burnt by her baby daddy after a disagreement but she never gave up.

 It is really not easy to survive a fire burn but this strong woman is proud of her looks and strong enough to show the whole world. She posted pictures after her makeup artist had done her makeup and she looked stunning.

 The makeup artist gave her a natural look one could hardly tell that she is wearing makeup. Change is good sometimes and makeup is good. It does not mean that when someone wears makeup that hate the way they look. They just love makeup and it is not a crime.

 A lot of people admired her makeup and well as her courage in posting the pictures on social media. This should be a lesson to all of us. Embrace the way you looks and love the body you are in.

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