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Hilarious Memes To Make You Laugh Out Loud

1. I wish I was a chicken No school, No work, just kurukuru and rape.2. My daughter asked why she can't just quit school and I told her it's Against the law and they'll put me in jail and my sweet sweet child looked me in the eye and said "i'll visit you"

3. My wife and I share the household chores so we both do equal work. For example, I just folded a load of towels and then she re-floaded them the "right" way.4. I Fought the lawn and the lawn won.5. When you enter a room and forget what you wanted to do.

6. Me : Idk why I'm always so tired

Friend : you stay up until 3 am and tag me in dumb shit you find onlineI hope you all Enjoyed reading this Please Don't Forget To Follow Me For More I Will Do The Same.

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