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Uyajola99: Shorty and Nkwanda the two women who fought the cheater. [Side by side they exit.]

These two must be the very first pair of ladies that fought together instead of each other! How smart are they?

We often see dumb women who fight each other instead of the cheater who is making a fool out of them, but not these two.

It seems the show keeps hovering us more and more content that often ends with very surprising and unexpected endings. This one ending truly deserves a round of applause!

Can you believe that the cheater was using his current girlfriend’scar to cheat? Shorty has a nine years old child with him while Nokwanda has two kids with the unapologetic cheater.

The women didn’t lay a finger in each other,Shorty doing all the work managed to get the other woman’s car keys from the cheater forcefully.

Twotter and myself included were truly proud of this dynamite who surely have him what he deserves which are a few slaps here and there. She even pinned him down,making sure he doesn’t move.

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Nkwanda Nokwanda Shorty


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