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Five Hollywood Celebrities Who Have Their Own Private Islands.

It seems that buying a private island is a normal thing today. It is now a status symbol, which makes designer clothes, expensive cars and luxurious villas moved to the side. Owning a private island means that you have reached the pinnacle of your success.

Of course, some people have invested when they bought a private island. We present to you the most beautiful private islands that are in the possession of the famous people

1. Jay Z & Beyonce.

Jay-Z bought a private island in the Florida Keys for Beyonce’s 29th birthday in 2010. A private island which is, well, private, all we know about this lavish gift is that reportedly cost over US$18 million. But that’s not the only one private island they own two Island and the other one is in the Bahamas.

2. Eddie Murphy.

Eddie Murphy is all about location, location, location. His private island, Rooster Cay, is a mere five minutes from the mainland capital of Nassau. Nevertheless, the haven is a secluded island paradise that's spread over 15 acres of unspoiled nature. He snapped up the property in 2007 for $15 million.

3. Tyler Perry.

Tyler Perry Lives Lavishly on White Bay Cay. Tyler spends his down time on a private island. The writer-actor-producer is the proud owner of White Bay Cay, a previously undeveloped island in the Bahamas. But Perry has done some serious developing, constructing a 14,000-square-foot mansion in decadent Bali style.

4. Johnny Depp.

During filming his first Pirates of the Caribbean film Johnny Depp fell in love with the Bahamas, so much so that he bought a 45-acre tropical island in the Caribbean called Little Hall’s Pond Cay. It cost him $3.6 million and has nicknamed it “F**k Off Island”, explaining how he intends for it to remain private.

5. Steven Spielberg.

Steven Spielberg can afford a private island – he could buy 10 islands, if so he wished. This renowned director did not want to be part of a group and buy an island in the Bahamas, like many of his colleagues in Hollywood. He chose for himself an island which is far from the United States - is located in the archipelago of Madeira in Portugal.

His spear actually consists of two islands that are connected, and also the important fact that is uninhabited. It is not known whether Spielberg is planning a project related to its untouched tropical paradise.

Bonus (Celine Dion)

Known as the best-selling Canadian music artist in history, Celine Dion is a skilled vocalist with a plethora of timeless hits. With classics like The Power of Love and It's All Coming Back to Me Now, her legendary music career has garnered her much success over the years. So much so that she was able to purchase a 77,000 square meter island, Île Gagnon, located on the Rivière des Mille Îles in Quebec, Canada.

She built a colossal mansion on the property, which she later sold in 2016 after living there since 2001. The entire property was sold for $25.5 million.

Content created and supplied by: Kaybee_KC (via Opera News )

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