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Here is why the 'Explosive' Bonang Matheba is fighting for her Businesses.

The fed up Bonang Matheba has taken a fight against his former business partner Davin Phillips to social media. For some time now she has been saying that she can’t wait to tell the public about Phillips calling him a monster.

Bonang has vowed that she is definitely going to stand up for herself publicly. Apparently she has had enough because they have put her and her family through hell in the last 2 years. Bonang seems to be tired and stated that being decent behind closed doors, is not the language that her apparent distractors do not understand anymore. "I’m going to fight, watch me tagging @DavinPhillips.

Bonang is alleging that Phillips who is her former manager is stealing from her. What makes the matter even worse is that Phillips apparently wants Bonang to apologise to him after trying to 'steal' from her. Bonang has previously ventured into a business opportunity where Phillips assisted her as a manager.

"15 years of my hard work and you think you can swoop in and steal from me? It will be a cold day in hell my dear. And now, you’re trying to steal my company but seem to be failing. A heist gone wrong, you are audacious." She posted.

Bonang went further to hint that Phillips is apparently stealing from black creatives. "I am not the first one, a quick google search is all one needs and it ends today. Let the music play." Bonang added.

Bonang was trending just a few days ago after she attacked the Minister of Sports Arts and Culture for the proposed flag which is reported to be costing R22 million. President Ramaphosa has since announced that he told Minister Nathi Mthethwa to cancel the plan.

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