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A lovely ending on You Promised to Marry Me show with JubJub and Sarah

The show is basically about bringing two people together and helping the men and women fulfil their promises of marriage towards each other. In some cases one seek answers on why they will not or should not get married after all the promises they made.

Jub Jub made a twisted turn from being a host of Uyajola 99 to You Promised to Marry Me. He was hated most for exposes people as they are unfaithful to their partners now he is making people for fulfil their promises or give answers if they fail.

This show of You Promised To Marry Me, seems like an ambush to some whilst to others it brings happy endings. There is too much drama especially from various families but some do agree to take a step ti move forward.

On last nights epidsode we came across Sarah whom was promised by her boyfriend and baby daddy Mpho, that he will marry her in 2015 while her grandmother was alive, he never fulfilled that promise but they are still in a happy and healthy relationship. She is just worried that he keeps silent about it and there is nothing to show of it.

Luckily, the man in question agreed that he will sign according to his promise and that he will fulfil it on her birthday in September 2021. He never fought or disagreed to this approach which his girl made instead he went ahead to his family home to signed in the presents of his two brothers and his girlfriend.

It was indeed a happy ending as the young couple will now focus on wedding preparations and look forward to bigger things in the future together with their child. Things like these hardly happen as some would feel ambushed and get very upset with their partners but this man showed that he loves his woman and his ready to be with her forever.

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