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Lamiez Is Tired Of Being a Cash Cow

Source: Zalebs

DJ Lamiez Holworthy is welcomed as one of Mzansi's most friendly and generous celebrities because he always does very nice things for strangers.

But even the saints had their limits, and Ramiez finally reached the limits. In her Instagram story, she leaves a strong message to her followers who continue to ask her for money. She said she had her own problems and she couldn't keep sending money when a stranger asked.

DJs have set a precedent for intervening when stories come from strangers who are suffering from a variety of problems. She recently offered to intervene and pay a helper a month's salary after Giyani star Rami Chuene exposed her wife for her cruel treatment.

This move touched the hearts of many in Muzansi, and Ramiez was quickly named one of the most generous celebrities.

She also made a headline for her to offer her single mother and her son a two-day trip to the Blyde River Canyon in Mpumalanga. Read more: Ramiez is doing it again But as it was finally struck, fans seemed to take her kindness for granted.

She showed too much of her personality, and she began to feel that Muzansi was entitled to the hard-earned money. In fact, she is often mentioned in conversations where people need financial help, even if none of them know.

She wasn't the only one to notice the energy transition without a free giveaway. Recently, there was a conversation about whether Master KG was appropriate without a free gift, as social media engagement dropped dramatically when Master KG stopped giving out money on a regular basis.

She was so embarrassed physically that her Z Aleb colleague had to leave to stand with her. But that was probably around the time Ramiez showed her sharp side. She is too kind to people on the internet and now they are taking her and her freedom as if they knew her.

At a bold solidarity show, she recently returned to Tweepe, who was harassing her uncle Waffle, and changed her clothes. We love to see one queen stand up for another. Read more: DJ Lamiez busts Mzansi for hypocrisy However, I can imagine that this move will not end well for DJs.

I don't think fans are happy to know their qualifications. We hope that Ramiez is ready for the repulsion that may accompany her testimony, and that she holds her gun regardless of her consequences.

It's her hard-earned money, and she reserves her right to use it freely without being emotionally threatened, and squeezes cash for strangers every three days.

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