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Movies That Are Popular Together With The Costumes Worn By The Actors

Obviously, movie performers are always in rivalry to invent new concepts into the movie industry in order to add distinct shapes to enjoyment. The below movies were shot with outstanding costumes which made the (movies) more intriguing. The clips went viral combined with the costumes to the extent that admirers were busy recreating the outfits.

1. Money Heist

A Spanish drama which most of it's scenes are about crime and heists is renowned for the red jacket and mask used by the armed robbers who only focus on robbing the public properties with their great ideas.

The bandits also had some spare of the jackets with them which they made all their hostages dressed on. As Money Heist is amongst the most trending seasonal movies of all time, the costumes used in it also got popular as many of the film's fans duplicate the attire afterwards.

2. Squid Game

Arguably, the most newest trending Korean movie is Squid Game. The film which had a variety of disadvantaged people compete in children games for an enticing prize is also known with a unique attire. All the players/contestants of the game dressed in green tracksuits while their security dressed in red jackets and got their faces covered with masks.

As the movie continue to trend, many entertainment enthusiasts and fashionistas have shown off their fashion ideas by copying the costumes notably the green ones (worn by the players) (worn by the players).

Photo credit: Netflix

Which of the costumes above is your favorite?

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