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South African DJ's Show off prize tags of thier most expensive purchases

Djs all over the world suffered a blow when the covid 19 pandemic became a global crisis, most countries closed places of entertainment and social gatherings such as festivals and outdoor events to stop the spread of covid 19 this led to djs loosing gigs and unable to perform and make money.

Recently we have seen the covid 19 vaccines been administered in a number of countries including South africa thus a lot of things are opening up like places of entertainment especially overseas. Our own local djs have been traveling overseas and getting gigs and making money like master kg who was in Europe recently and when he got back in the country he purchased a diesel leather jacket worth a whopping R28K and he shared the price tag of the leather jacket on his social media pages. And also on the picture below we see him wearing red bottom sneakers which are also expensive.

One other dj who is hot Property right in the country is deep house dj oscar mbo who is gigging a lot these days since the country has open up , and by the looks of it he is making money and he isn't shine to show off his expensive lifestyle like recently showing off the price tag of a Saint laurent t shirt that he recently purchased which cost him R13K

its good to see our own South African djs making it internationally and also locally and making money in the process , its been most definitely a good year for most of them like master kg and oscar mbo who can afford to spurlge a bit especially after a terrible few months of not getting gigs and unable to perform to crowds. Please comment below your thoughts on the success our locally djs are getting recently. Share. CLICK. LIKE

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