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ETV Scandal|| Mbali's uncle is taking advantage of Jojo's kindness

Bra Jakes was happy when he found out that Jojo was willing to give him a job. He made some mistakes on his first day, he told everyone that he was the new assistant manager even though Jojo told him that he was a sorter.

The following day, he was still sleeping when Winnie woke him up to remind him that he had to go to work. She did not want him to get fired. His response was that Jojo would never fire him even if he came late because they are best friends.

He even went as far as saying that he was in line for being the employee of the month. Uncle Jakes is full of himself. He should learn tio take his job seriously so that he can be promoted. He should also learn to respect Jojo. Jojo is indeed a great man, Mbali does not deserve him.


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