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Bobo Mbele "Ntombo" left out a laughing stock after he posted this picture on social media

Many men and women are known for their vivacity and sense of humor. There is nothing they would not do to be perceived as a true woman. One of the most entertaining gays I've ever seen is Bobo Mbele, also known as 'Ntombo.'

In a recent Instagram post, this young KwaZulu-Natal-born comedian wore a white dress and high heels. Not only did he wear the garment, but he also put something on his stomach to give the impression that she is pregnant.

The Zulu caption for this Instagram image reads as follows: "Mom of Melo We'll sign with Melo's father at Homes Affairs. I'm not planning to start a family till I'm married. When parents aren't married, their children can be a real pain. With a bottle of Savannah on their head, they'd finish up dancing. That is something that should only happen to your children, not those of another person "..

At the same time, everyone was startled and amused. It was as if they were saying something along the lines of: "Lol, that's hilarious! The baby shower is piling up," "Congratulations Ntombo," "Oh! Why are you acting so strangely, Ntombo? "For more information, please see the following link: It's obvious from Ntombo's ebullient demeanor that Somizi Mhlongo is certainly the role model he admires (role model). It appears that his acts are intertwined with those of Somizi.


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Bobo Mbele KwaZulu-Natal-born Melo Zulu


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