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VIDEO: Malcolm is not happy with Thembi driving her car a lot


Malcolm and Thembi are employer and employee who have an unbreakable relationship that is not only about being on duty but outside of work also. Malcolm found out that Thembi was driving her car a lot more than she should be and she does not mind driving many kilometres to Durban.

Malcolm will buy another car for her after pleading with her to take a while before, as she is living a tremendous lifestyle with a car she trusts more than any other vehicle. She trusts Toyota a lot. She is having a fabulous lifestyle with it.


She is more than certain that her vehicle brand is not going to let her down, just like she made an explanation to Malcolm. Toyota's motto is "Lead the way" and there is no other vehicle that is more reliable than the Toyota starlet for her.

Reactions coming from the comment section are also hovering all over the tweet video:

1. Nkulule: I have a huge amount of respect for Malcolm, and he treats Thembi very well. Their relationship is more powerful and they are from different tribes. It is wonderful that people can have an amazing lifestyle with anyone they want.



2. Sizwe: Thembi is living her best life and there is no doubt about it.

3. Tzarr: "I am surprised that Thembi is already drinking some alcoholic beverages so early". Good for her for not having any restrictions for drinking on duty.

4. Nomsa: She loves their treatment of one another, and it includes everyone in the house.

5. Shaun: Toyota must give Thembi a free service because she has provided the manufacturer with free marketing awareness.


She has chosen the right person to have her income come from, and the same thing goes for Malcolm. They are always having wonderful moments that many people feel a tiny bit jealous of, but not in a bad way that it should not be her.

They are happy that their attention-grabbing treatment of one another is not going to become very breakable very easily or having someone trying to come in between them. Everyone in the house is very close to each other, and they will make you blush with love.


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