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Theory: The MCU Fight Leading to World War Hulk

This subject shouldn't have been as long as it been, but here we are. I know I said the 'Banner' series would've been 5 episodes long. Clearly I came up with more story than I originally imagined.


Nonetheless, this is the sixth and final episode that would've happened. The first scene of this episode would showcase Dr. Banner and Ross kissing passionately by some park. A moment later, Dr. Banner will pull away, due to excitement.


Look I don't want to go too into detail with this or I'll whine up with another article with more than 500 words, lack of clicks and no payday. So I'm simply going to state what I would've liked to see in this final episode.


Red Hulk would find Dr. Banner and Ross in Dr. Banner's new home. Mainly because, Secretary Ross made it his mission to always know where Dr. Banner was. With his mind still more object driven after coming out of the experiment of his new transformation.


His daughter would slowly recognize that Red Hulk is her father by facial appearance and voice, but reasoning with him would sound like trying to talk to deaf ears. In conclusion, Red Hulk would go after Dr. Banner. Dr. Banner would try to get Dr. Ross to safety.


However, when chaos erupts, the unpredictable is bound to happen. Red Hulk would make a mess of the environment, to the extent that the roof of Dr. Banner's residence caves in on both him and Dr. Ross.


In the aftermath of the chaos, Red Hulk would be standing not far from the rubbles, patiently waiting for Hulk to emerge in anger. Somewhere in the rubbles, Dr. Banner would gain consciousness after being knocked out by the collapsed roof.


Lying on his back he'd face the open sky. As he tilts his head to the side, he'd see it. Dr. Ross's lifeless body impaled in between rubbles, her neck bent unnaturally because, it’s been snapped by one of the roof infrastructure materials.


The scene so horrendous, unbearably heartbreaking, sends Dr. Banner off the rails. In a rage unlike any other live-action adaptation of the Hulk. We see his broken arm reconstitute to glory. With yelling from Dr. Banner escalating to a roar from Hulk, as he breaks out of the rubbles.


Red Hulk smiles as he sees Hulk standing in front of him. Hulk lashes out, Red Hulk intercepts. A battle of mass destruction erupts. Hulk gets angrier and more powerful as the fight intensifies. To the point that he overpowers Red Hulk and defeats him.


However, this isn't enough for Hulk. Enraged beyond recognition, he continues his assault on Red Hulk. Delivering blow after blow on torso and face, with his bloody fists. Nearly close to killing Red Hulk, shots are fired from the sky.


Hulk turns around to find that he is surrounded by the military and directs his incredible fury upon them, as he lashes out. Thus begins...World War Hulk, the scene ends.


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