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SABC One Viewers Are Not Happy About Uzalo.

Uzalo fans are sick and tired of the storyline between Nkunzi and Mangcobo. They want a final verdict whether they are lovers or arch enemies. Currently Nkunzi has all the power and the money in the world since he eradicated the Khanyile boys he made sure everything falls under his name. 

Now his making Mangcobo's life a living hell as a revenge to what she did to him when he left him and choose Khathaza, living him high and dry. Mangcobo left him for Khathaza because he burnt down the club she owned. Now Nkunzi is getting back at Mangcobo. By making her life a living hell because she left him for another man. It's the same storyline over and over. 

It's clear to say that Mangcobo will team up again with S'bonelo and bring Nkunzi down and win living him high and dry this time. Mangcobo will prosper and he will suffer. The circle will continue. The fans want to know are they rivals or not? They are sick and tired of the same patterns. 

The entire cast is starting to bore the fans. Not quite the cast but the storyline it's really boring South Africans.

It's the most watched show in South Africa because it's broadcast for free. That's that's why everybody watches it. It's not the most watched because of it inviting, exciting catchy content. It's because it's free, everybody loves free things after all.

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