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Who Is Penny Lebyane? – 10 amazing Things You Must Know About The Self Made Woman

Penny LebyanePenny Lebyane is a South African media personality, broadcaster, TV host, radio show anchor, and DJ. Penny has managed to stay current in the field for almost three decades, despite being one of South Africa's oldest black female radio announcers. Penny's career, contrary to popular assumption, has not been without difficulties. Penny Lebyane has faced various challenges in her health, career, and personal life, but she has always triumphed and become stronger as a result.

She may not have a million Instagram followers, but she feels she is good at what she does, and with more than 25 years of expertise, you can tell she is. While she appears to be in control of her professional commitments, she has had her share of ups and downs in her personal life. The Queen of Radio, as she is known, has dealt with a tumultuous relationship, divorce from her children's father, and making headlines for being in debt. At this point in her life, she appears to be getting her act together and focusing on having a happy life with her children.

Penny Lebyane’s Life In 10 Facts

She is a well-known media personality most known for her abilities as a disc jockey, garnering her the title "Queen of Radio." 'Phly One,' a DJ for Metro FM in South Africa, is also known as 'Phly One.' She is also a TV host and presenter, with a net worth of around $200,000. The Queen of South African radio has a career spanning three decades, and she has divulged a great deal about her professional and personal life throughout that time.

1. Penny Lebyane Was Born On Christmas Day

The lovely actress feels herself extraordinarily fortunate to have been born on the same day as Jesus (the founder of the Christian faith, which she follows). Despite the fact that she claims Jesus usurps her birthday because everyone is so focused on Christmas that they forget it's also her birthday.

Penny was born on December 25, 1976, in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa's apartheid province, where she was also reared. Despite the problems that black South Africans encountered at the time of her birth and youth, her parents worked hard to provide a comfortable living and a good education for her and her siblings.

2. She Attended The University Of South Africa (UNISA)

Despite being born and reared during a time when some privileges, such as a decent education, were only available to white people, Penny Lebyane was able to obtain an excellent education. We don't know the names of the schools where she had her primary and secondary schooling, but we do know that she lived in Kwazulu-Natal throughout that time.

After matriculating from high school, she pursued her education at the University of South Africa (UNISA), earning a National Diploma in Public Relations, Media/Communications. Aside from being born with the talent, studying a related subject in school must have benefited in its development.

3. The Queen of Radio Started Her Career With Voice of Soweto Community Radio Station

Penny Lebyane's potential as a media personality were recognized as early as Grade 12, while she was in Grade 12. She started her career on the radio and has since been in several films and television shows. It's no surprise that she continues to be influential in the field today. Penny has nearly three decades of experience in the entertainment industry to her credit.

She began her radio career at the Voice of Soweto community radio station, which is now known as Jozi FM, when she was 21 years old. In a homage to the late veteran radio personality, she cited Bob Mabena and his ex-wife, Zandile Nzalo, as role models in the industry. Penny thinks that her time at the Voice of Soweto taught her a lot about radio presenting and helped her hone her skills.

4. Penny Lebyane Has Had A Successful Career As A DJ, TV Presenter, And Event Host

She is also known for being one of the first black female radio DJs in South Africa, and she is best known for her work as a disc jockey for Metro FM. In 2002, she served as a judge on M-Idol Net's talent competition, and in 2007, she hosted the Metro FM Music Awards.

Her career evolved, and she joined SABC1 in 2010 as a co-host of the Motswako lifestyle show, then in 2014 as the host of the Sunrise early show.

Penny Lebyane's career has flourished since she first entered the media industry in 1997, and she has gone on to host a variety of TV and event hosting gigs in addition to her radio role. In the second season of City Ses'la, she played the part of Noxi. The show is a South African television show that follows the lives and experiences of six young adults of diverse backgrounds. Lebyane was also a contestant on the first season of the reality television show Love South Africa.

Penny was a judge on the second season of American Idol and the first season of It's OK We're Family. She was a guest judge on the inaugural season of The Search: E! Host South Africa and a presenter for the 9th season of the South African Film and Television Award (SAFTA).

5. She Suffered Mental Health Problems

Following DJ Fresh's dismissal from Metro FM and Phat Joe's suspension from Radio 2000 in 2019 as a result of homophobic insults on the radio by both on-air personalities, Twitter users went on a rant against what they called "black radio," and Penny Lebyane took advantage of the opportunity to share her own black radio experience.

According to her, she was compelled to spend 10 days in a psychiatric clinic as a result of the insults she received from the business, particularly those related to black radio. She doesn't believe she needs to impress anyone because she isn't a beauty queen or an influencer, and she doesn't need anyone's approval to validate her standing as one of the best in the field.

She goes on to clarify that for her, broadcasting is about her life, her journey, and her truth, rather than fame. Even though she is rejected, she has learned to stay alone in the industry. Coming from someone who has spent over two decades in the industry and witnessed the evolution of radio broadcasting, you can tell she meant every word she said.

6. The Father Of Penny Lebyane’s Children Is A Zimbabwean Named Ali Naka

Penny Lebyane is the proud mother of two daughters, Takunda and Tamuka, who were born in the years 2002 and 2004. Ali Naka, a Zimbabwean businessman, had a romantic relationship with the well-known radio personality. At this time, there is no information about when they started dating. However, we can confirm that Ali Maka is the father of Penny Lebyane's two children, and based on the fact that they had two children together, we can assume that their relationship lasted a long time - even if the details are kept under wraps and unavailable to the public - even if it ended in 2008.

She has said that she was never married to Ali, despite the fact that they had two children together. She says that paying damages after impregnating a woman isn't marriage, and neither is paying lobola. This could imply that he did those things after she was pregnant, but there's no way to tell for sure.

7. She Allows Her Children Bear Their Father’s Name

She informed Move that she lets them use their father's name despite the fact that she was never married to him. She claims she gave his name to her children to make things easier for them. Penny and her children's father were involved in a legal battle in 2017 when he refused to sign papers allowing her to spend Christmas in Swaziland with her children. She claimed his refusal to sign was a violation of her rights because they were not married.

8. In 2016, She Made Headlines For Being In Debt

Penny Lebyane had to swallow her pride at some time since no one wants to be in debt, and even fewer people want their debt to be out in the open and subject to public scrutiny. She made headlines in 2016 after having to sell her furniture to pay off an R65,830 debt incurred as a result of rental agreement violations. When Drum questioned her about what had transpired, she admitted to being in debt, but said that what had been printed in blogs and newspapers was inaccurate.

She continued, "I prefer to be sensible and see no reason why I should make headlines for being in debt when the majority of people do the same thing and never make the news." She continues, "I have refused to live in a bubble like the rest of us."

9. Penny Lebyane Uses Her Platform To Speak Against Sexual Abuse

Although the media personality has never been a victim of sexual abuse, she has been the subject of a variety of emotional abuses, one of the most significant of which she refuses to discuss is an incident with her ex-boyfriend, whose identity she refuses to share.

According to her, she came across a photo of an underage girl in her private area with a bottle of a certain drink (which she has since stopped drinking) while using her boyfriend's laptop to complete a chore, and the photo was taken with his camera.

Despite the fact that she claims she immediately deleted the photo and all other photos of naked women from his computer, she claims she was distraught and would never forget what she saw.

She has refused to date for the sake of dating, as many celebrities do, despite her professed wish to marry one day. Marriage is cultural, spiritual, and legal, she believes. She has chosen to devote her life to serving God rather than rushing into marriage.

The former host of Sunrise is a fervent Christian who worships at the Assemblies of God Church in Sandton. She learned as a child in church that Christians should utilize their abilities to serve God, and the DJ is doing exactly that. She works as a Sunday school teacher and usher at her church.

10. She Was Once In An Unhealthy Relationship With Thato Sikwane Also Known As DJ Fresh

DJ Fresh and Penny Lebyane were involved in a bitter legal battle in 2020 after Penny's name was used in a court document prepared by DJ Fresh and his legal team in a dispute against South African poet and activist, Ntsiki Mazwai. According to DJ Fresh, Penny Lebyane initially tweeted that he was a rapper, which was subsequently reposted by Mazwai.

Penny Lebyane

In the affidavit, DJ Fresh stated that he was in a toxic relationship with Penny Lebyane in 2001, and that after they split up, she tried to run his friend off the road, causing him to seek a restraining order from the court.

After realizing that her name had been mentioned in a lawsuit that was not directly against her, Penny Lebyane enlisted the support of her legal team. She wanted to know what it meant for her in the future, if there were any repercussions or unintended consequences. However, she couldn't do so without dredging old scars from her prior relationship with DJ Fresh.

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