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Isencane Lengane yesterday episode left everyone talking, Thando need to leave Siyacela this time

Tonight on # IsencaneLengane


The Dlamuka family is applauded by the episode where Siyacela introduces her new lover, Manto.


When she spoke about the physical abuse and made it sound so normal, "he hit me, I hit him back, we beat each other." She's too young for this. The mom can not do anything. Thando is the one to decide. She said she wants to finish school, so let's wait and see. Good lessons were learned, but did they remember them?


I wish I could tell you to pack your bags and go, but there is a lot to consider, especially school. Just make sure you don't fall pregnant and prepare yourself emotionally when all is well. Then you can go and remember that your man can reap you off of everything, but not your education. Study my baby, go to varsity, and make things happen for you. Please do not fall pregnant. There comes a time when Dlamuka will be no more and Siyacelas will be left with absolutely nothing, then he'll realize that life is not a bed of roses. For now, he literally relies on Dlamuka and Moja Live, hence the behavior. As for Thando, I hope she finishes her studies and moves on with her life. I hear a lot saying they do not feel sorry for Thando, why she is still there. Most of the people saying that are still with their abusive baby daddies and expect a little girl like Thando to act like an old woman. I am not even feeling sorry for Thando... she is still there, and next week they will be lovey-dovey like nothing happened. I don't feel sorry for women who don't stand their ground. As young as she is, why is she still in such a marriage? what? over a boy who doesn't even work, doesn't go to school, all he does is buy cars with the little he has instead of starting a business! Like I said, I really don't feel sorry for this young lady. "May she continue being played because she doesn't have a back bone." A Facebook follower said




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