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What Kwanda did to Nonka is heartbreaking


What Kwanda did to Nonka is heartbreaking

Nonka got arrested for Kwanda's wrongdoings. Nonka was just a girl who had a dream to open a beauty shop but unfortunately Kwanda saw an opportunity to destroy Nonka's dream and reputation.

Yesterday's episode was too emotional to watch Nonka being arrested for something she knows about. Kwanda is too heartless.

What happened to Nonka is so sad as drugs where sold under her nose and she didn't realise. She trusted Kwanda to the extent that she didn't see the need to know where all the money was coming from. The only thing that was on Nonka's mind was achieving her dreams and taking her family out of poverty not knowing that she is digging her own grave. Nonka was betrayed by the person she loved.

Lilly was in a difficult situation. She did what she was supposed to do as a policewoman but it was not easy for her to arrest her own blood. It was not easy for her to handcuff Nonka, she cried and she was even shaking.

Nonka finally discovered that she was living a lie all along. The sad part is that she is betrayed by the person she was in a relationship with. It's sad for her to realise that the person she loves was only using her business sell drugs and she didn't notice a thing. Love is blind inded.


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