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DJ Zinhle claps back at pretty privilege accusations about female DJ's

The Umlilo artist was passionate as she took to her Twitter account to refute that all female DJ's need is to pretty in order to be successful in the industry. It is not an uncommon accusation here in SA but with the seemingly overnight success of Uncle Waffle, who was recognized by Drake, it seems to have inflated. This attitude is something women in general have to deal with in the industry.

This is especially insulting because is the implication that women don't succeed unless they are pretty? Or that men only succeed because they're ugly? It's a confusing situation for me. There are not enough female DJ'S with visibility. I can only name DJ Zinhle, Durban Gogo, DJ LaSoul and DJ Cndo. The rest don't make it to the level that these ladies have.

Should we not be encouraging more women to come into the male dominated industry? South African men don't agree. Apparently being the male gaze is a womans fault. The male gaze that they bring with them to undermine a womans efforts. Why should there be a dress requirement for female DJ's? Why shouldn't they be pretty?

Zinhle definitely didn't agree with this and it's obvious to see why. Navigating an industry filled with men who hold you to a higher standard than their own must be miserable. As someone who has a DJ school and whose personal assistant is trying to break into the industry, she clearly has her head and heart in the right place.

Twitter users still pushed their misogyny in the comments, accusing Zinhle of lying for views. They believed she didnt believe herself either? It was very condescending towards Zinhle and confusing to me, to scroll through those comments and find almost zero support for female DJ's.

What do you think of Uncle Waffles story? Do you believe she only got where she was through being pretty?

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