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Covid-19 on the doorsteps of the Kardashians

The reality TV show (Keeping up with the Kardashians) star, Kyle Jenner has raised her fear on the corona virus.

Photo credits: DNA India

Kyle on the teaser for the upcoming season said, “it’s just scary when someone so close to the family has tested positive.”

She is not giving much information about this, leaving many people speculating. Could it be one of the family and extended family members? Could it be one of the family friends? A production crew member? We are left to speculate, while the tone of her could mean it’s not one of their immediate family.

The teaser shows kids running around and playing as the family quarantines together. It also goes on to show more of their daily family whereabouts and drama that they get into it. Judging from this, I would say as much as she seems threatened the case has not brought any major effects to the family.

They still managed to stay as vibrant family full of entertaining drama.



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