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Mzansi Goes Crazy Over A Female Dj Named UncleWaffles And Here's The Reason Why.

Date || 17 October 2021

Source || Twitter


Nowadays, a lot of women seem to be getting into the Dj'ing line of work and are doing good at it so far. Back in the day, we had only a handful of female DJs who were quite popular in the music industry. This, however, doesn't mean that there were no other female DJs other than those that were already known or in the mainstream. There were definitely plenty more but because the Dj'ing industry was mainly dominated by men during those times, many therefore didn't get the chance to flourish like the ones that are flourishing today.

So, since we are now in the 21st century and quite a lot of women are coming out as DJ's, the industry is therefore getting packed, and to make it big, every single one of them, therefore, has to find a way to stand out from the rest of the other female DJs. Even though this might be an issue for some, it's however not an issue for UncleWaffles, who's started to become one of the most loved female DJs in Mzansi

Photo credit: Instagram 

The female DJ who calls herself, UncleWaffles seems to have been in the industry for quite some time now, however, right now is her time to shine as everyone is talking about her and obsessing over her as well. UncleWaffles started trending after she posted a video of herself while dj'ing at a nightclub. UncleWaffles was, however, not just dj'ing as she was also dancing and having a good time. 

Photo credit: Twitter 

The female DJ was, however, not the only one having fun as the guys that were standing behind her and the whole crowd she was dj'ing for were busy chanting, singing along to the song, dancing, and just having fun. Everyone there seemed to have been in a good mood and, this resonated with a lot of people who watched the video as they also loved UncleWaffles and the energy she was delivering in the room.

Many people made tweets about her and UnclesWaffles keeps on retweeting them on her well.

Photo credit: Twitter 

UncleWaffles has become so popular that she even got followed by American rapper, Drake on her Instagram account.

Photo credit: Twitter

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