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5 Things you must do on your Honeymoon

Honeymoon is an vacation that is taken by a couple that has just entered into married, just to spend some time together and celebrate their wedding. However honeymoon is not that cheap and can put one under a lot of pressure because in African culture, once they go out on a honeymoon we as the family of the groom we expect "Makoti" to return with pregnancy. Anyway below are 5 things you must do on your honeymoon.

• Do anything you've never done before this can include swimming if you've never been into a swimming pool.

• Never cook, get room service.

• Get a photographer to take pictures of you so that you keep your memories.

• Eat and drink alot and enjoy your first few days in marriage. 

• Have lot of fun like taking and laughing.

But going on a honeymoon is associated with a some of divorce, regardless of how much is spent on the honeymoon. People go broke after their wedding and honeymoon because of too much spending and incurring significant debt or bank loans on other wedding-related expenses, such as engagement rings and wedding ceremonies, is associated with a high risk of divorce.

Money brings peace without money you'll always argue with your partner but if you plan going out for a honeymoon you must have a nice budget so that you don't go broke after all.

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