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Is Zahara an alcoholic?

Bulelwa Mkutukana, best known by her stage name Zahara, is a South African singer-songwriter. Her accolades include 17 South African Music Awards, three Metro FM Awards, and one Nigeria Entertainment Awards.

After one drunken live video of Zahara failing to hit a note surfaced on social media, shes being called an alcoholic. Now everything she does people suspects shes drunk.

Some people dont even understand why shes being called an alcoholic. A tweep took to Twitter to get clarity on this issue. He said "Honestly don’t know where this 'Zahara is an alcoholic' comes from. A couple of live videos while at home with friends.Don’t we also do that? Did she crash a vehicle/ perform while drunk maybe? We’ve seen behavior from other celebs yet they’ve never been labeled drunkards."

He went on saying "We have artist who are pictured drinking everyday but they’ve never been labeled such. Zahara has a bubbly personality. Every video of hers she’s always bubbly. That’s who she is."

I honestly don't understand why people would call her an alcoholic and drunkard over one video, when all these other influencers and celebrities are always drinking and all. But another tweep said it wasn't just one video, apparently she was allegedly drunk on her interview with Mac G. A tweep said "I don’t know. That interview she had with MacG. She sounded like she was low key lit. When you look at passed interviews she didn’t always speak like that. I don’t know where the rumors started, Mara where there is smoke there is bound to be fire."

Another tweep said she admitted to alcoholism before "She's also admitted to alcoholism before, something about how she knew she had a problem when she could finish a bottle of wine in one sitting. Of course a bottle of wine is not that deep I'm just repeating what she said."

Could it be true that she has a problem or people are just accusing her?

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